A Look at the Physical as Well as Emotional Menopause Symptoms

symptoms of menopause
Menopause is not a disease and this is a common problem faced by every woman in her life cycle. Some women may experience painful menopause symptoms while some others do not face any symptoms at all. The menopause symptoms are due to the decreasing estrogen level and the hormone imbalance.

Most of the women experience hot flashes during menopause. Hot flash is hot prickly feeling in the back. It may last from seconds to hall an hour. Many women feel it very uncomfortable. The reason for hot flashes is the reducing estrogen level. Another symptom is irregular heart beats. Some women feel fast heart beating. Some women face the problem of sleeping disturbances because of night sweats, coldness etc.

Vagina dryness is another problem which is very uncomfortable for women. Dry and itchy skin, dry mouths are also the symptoms of menopause. Some women may experience heavy bleeding after menopause. This may be because of hormone changes. But a thorough medical check up is essential to check whether any cancer growth is there in uterine that results in heavy bleeding. Indigestion, gastrointestinal problems may also occur due to menopause. Some may feel burning feeling under the tongue.

Severe head ache, muscular pain, joint pain, change in breathe odor and body odor are also the physical symptoms. Sudden weigh gain in waist, hair loss, and unwanted hair growth in face are also the physical changes that may upset the women more. Some women may feel electric shock feeling in the issue between skin and muscle. Tenderness in breast and smoothness in muscle are also the symptoms of menopause.

Other than the physical symptoms there are some emotional symptoms also. Most women face depression and stress in their menopause time. As they experience sleeping difficulty during menopause the stress will increase. Many women feel that they are deserted. Anxiety, sudden anger and mood fluctuations are the emotional symptoms. Some women may think of their own death. It will upset them more.

Memory loss, lack of concentration is the problems faced by some women during menopause. Light headedness that is the woman may feel that the head is full of cotton is another symptom.

Irregular periods, heavy or light bleeding are the early symptoms of menopause. Both vagina and uterine will become dry and thinner and they may lose their elasticity. These are all due to estrogen decrease. Some women may face the problem of bladder control. They may have the sensation of passing urine frequently and most urgently. Older women face this problem often because they lose bladder control. Urine infections, losing sexual interest are some other symptoms of menopause. Most of these symptoms may not last for more than 5 years. Regular exercises, healthy and balanced diet, care and affection of family members can solve most of these problems.

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

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