Are There Side Effects Of Black Cohosh When Used For Hot Flashes?

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What is Black Cohosh? It is a natural herb found in the United States and was something that the Native Americans used to treat women’s illnesses. They would brew it into a tea and drink it for relief from the common side effects of menopause. This has continued to be a treatment today for the relief of menopause symptoms and is found in pill form.

There are some possible side effects of black cohosh just as there are with any other medication. However, they are not very common. Most women use black cohosh without any side effects at all. Some of these include an upset stomach, headache and weight gain. The degree to which you will experience side effects will depend on the amount that you are taking.

Your general all around health will also have some impact on the degree of frequency or severity of the side effects of black cohosh. Dizziness is also a possible side effect of black cohosh, so you will need to be careful depending on your daily routine.

If you are pregnant you should not use this herbal treatment as it has been found to increase your risk of miscarriage. You should also not use this herbal treatment while you are breast-feeding. If you are not pregnant or breast-feeding and your health is otherwise in good condition, you are safe to use this medication. For the most part, if you are perimenopausal or menopausal, black cohosh is a safe, very effective herbal medication.

The results you will have with this herbal remedy will vary, as is the case with any medication. We are all different and that means that we will all react differently to the medications we take. The side effects of black cohosh will vary and you may gain more weight than the next person or not gain any at all.

It is also recommended that you keep track of what you are taking, how much of it you are taking and how often you are taking it. This information should be shared with your doctor to help prevent drug interaction risks with other medications.

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