Can Acupuncture Help Control Menopause Symptoms

symptoms of menopause
Different cultures and nationalities have different methods in treating various illnesses. Something that is interesting to note is that Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Acupuncture are becoming more and more popular in helping to control menopausal symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views menopause as a time for a woman’s body to shut down the natural reproductive cycle in order to conserve her life energy, so that while she ages, she can retain all her resources.

A difference in Eastern culture, in comparison to Western culture, menopause is quite uneventful. The reason it is so different between cultures is that western women live a more fast-paced life, have more stress, and eat a poorer diet, thus exacerbating the symptoms of menopause.

Another believes in Traditional Chinese Medicine is that menopause is not a syndrome, but that the imbalance of hormones is wreaking havoc on the female body.

Acupuncture works through the belief that there are over 2000 acupuncture trigger points in the body. These triggers are all linked together in a group of 20 different pathways. Each pathway is responsible for conducting life force between the surface of the body, and the internal organs. It is believed that once the pathway is able to keep the life force flowing between these links, the body and the mind stay healthy.

Using acupuncture to control menopause symptoms varies from woman to woman. The acupuncturist will access which of the symptoms of menopause the woman is suffering from and then use the pathways to relieve her symptoms. Only certain pathways are used to relieve the individual symptoms a woman is experiencing. Every menopausal woman is treated as unique based on her symptoms.

Acupuncture is administered by the use of thin, solid needles that are inserted in targeted trigger points. The purpose of the needle is to help stimulate the pathways to encourage life force production. This could be done by placing the needles to the shoulders, arms, legs, and even the feet. When the needles are inserted correctly, there should be no pain, or bleeding, however, you may experience a slight tingling, or numbness that dissipates quickly. Treatment is known to be very relaxing and usually lasts about thirty minutes. It is also wise to remember that each woman and her symptoms are different. Using acupuncture as a means of treatment is usually a long, ongoing therapy. You may feel the effects right away or it may take months for you to feel the advantages of using acupuncture to treat your symptoms.

If you plan on using acupuncture to treat your symptoms of menopause, make sure that you visit a licensed acupuncture therapist to determine the most realistic, and productive course needed to treat your symptoms.

Can acupuncture help relieve the symptoms of Menopause? Yes, it can. It has been proven to relieve symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, stress, and anxiety.

As with any treatment, make sure you research every method available and speak to your physician to make sure that you are getting all the treatment needed to maintain your hormonal imbalance during the transition of menopause.

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