Coping With The Emotional Impact Of Menopause

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Menopause. The mere mentioning of this completely natural and unavoidable condition strikes fear into the hearts of many women. Don’t be afraid – menopause is part of nature’s grand scheme and should be approached from this perspective. The bulk of women experience the onset of menopause between the age of 45 and 55. It does not mean menopause cannot begin earlier or later, but the condition usually manifests within this range. When the female body enters menopause it heralds an end to the reproductive cycle.

Menopause occurs because the female body no longer produces progesterone and estrogen at the same rate. The production of these important reproductive hormones decreases dramatically leading to a variety of changes. Women know that it won’t be long before they never have to endure the symptoms of PMS or their menstruation cycle again. This may sound like a great event – but there are other symptoms that occur including leading up to this point: fluctuations in appetite, insomnia, hot flashes, hazy or foggy thinking, depression, anger, emotional problems, and mood swings.

Perhaps the most difficult of the symptoms to deal with are emotional in nature. Many women report feeling not like themselves. Depression, anger, and mood swings are common and can present many problems.

Fortunately, there is a way to cope with these problems. You are not alone in your struggle. There are millions upon millions of other women experiencing menopause. In fact, statistics state out that each day more than 4,000 women in the United States alone experience the onset of menopause.

This being said, the options for you to seek help are extensive. If the emotional symptoms you are experiencing are severe or last for a long time it is probably a good idea to seek some help. Emotional disturbances due to menopause do not mean you are crazy: it is a natural process that hits some women harder than others. Counselling can help you get in touch with your feelings. Do not try to battle menopause without some sort of support network.

Relaxation may also be key in your battle against emotional difficulties. Try treating yourself to an afternoon at a local day spa or a relaxing massage. It sounds trite but can really make the difference to your overall mood. If you have access to a Jacuzzi the warm water and the jets can put you into a relaxed state. Sound therapy, light therapy, hydrotherapy, aroma therapy, acupuncture, and acupressure can also provide relief – both emotional and physical. Hypnosis has a good track record in helping women manage emotional stress due to menopause.

It is very important that you enlist the support of your friends – many of whom are most likely going through what you are, and also your partner and close family members. Explain to them how you are feeling. Once they understand why you’re being snappy, angry or rude they are more likely to be understanding and help you through what can be a challenging time. In addition, there are support groups available where you can get things off your chest and experience a feeling of solidarity.

Besides more traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) there is a wide selection of natural supplements on the market which can provide both physical and emotional relief from menopause.

Make sure you take care of yourself. If you do not take the first step in learning to cope with the emotional side-effects of menopause, nobody will take it for you.


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