Don’t Let Menopause Ruin your Sex Life

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Don’t let menopause ruin your sex life

By Sharon Bell

There’s no reason why you can’t have a happy and satisfying sex life during and after the menopause. According to UK’s Jubilee Report, a study into the attitudes and lifestyles of women born when the Queen came to power, life begins at 50 for many British women.

They have more fun, more freedom, more energy and better sex than previous generations who were more likely to dread the onset of middle age, noted the Social Issues Research Centre.

The research found 65 percent of women felt they were happier now than before the menopause. Some 66 percent said they were more independent, while 64 percent said their sex lives had gotten better or had not changed since the menopause. Another 59 percent of women said their relationships with partners and families had improved.

Celebrity role models like actress Joan Collins have already shown women that reaching the menopause does not necessarily mean the end of an active sex life. Collins got married in 2001 for the fifth time at the age of 69 to a husband over three decades younger.

While it is also true that sex drive (libido) tends to naturally fall as we get older, physical contact need not diminish at all. With some treatments, a woman can even increase her sex drive.

Menopausal women can always try hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It consists of natural or synthetic female sex hormones that replace the hormones a woman loses during the menopause. It comes in the form of tablets, patches or gels and always contains estrogen, either in a natural or synthetic form.

Kate Fox, a social scientist and co-director of the Social Issues Research Centre, which undertook the study, said the use of HRT has changed the lives of modern women.

The survey further revealed that women on HRT get more benefits after the onset of the menopause. Half of those surveyed reported improvements in their sex lives since the onset of the menopause compared with 18 percent of those who were not taking the drugs.

HRT can improve many symptoms of the menopause that can hinder a satisfactory sex life. Vaginal dryness, loss of lubrication, soreness, irritation, and vulnerability to bacterial infections and thrush may all be vastly improved by HRT. Hot flushes and night sweats may also be banished.

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By: Sharon Bell

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