Easing Your Transition With A Menopause Diet

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Women are sensitive and caring so when they begin to go through menopause their emotions are heightened due to the imbalance of hormones. One thing a woman does not need during this change is weight gain. Weight gain is very common to those experiencing menopause for several reasons: the food they eat, stress, depression, and fatigue. Battling the symptoms of menopause may be enough to control the weight gain you might experience, but a better way to see a minimal amount of weight gained is to have a menopause diet. Below are a few suggestions for a menopause diet and how it can help you during your transition.

First, we all know a well balanced diet is important. Your body may be craving food items that will cause weight gain. These cravings are often brought on a bad menopause diet. Eating fast food, salty food, or not eating enough of one food group or another can cause you to have cravings. You body will also have natural cravings whether you are on a proper diet or not. These cravings could be related to wanting more fruit or certain foods such as fish or steak. These types of cravings are not detrimental to your menopause diet; in fact, it is just your body telling you what you need more of. It is showing you what you are lacking. Ignoring these cravings can lead to an improper diet.

Fruits and some vegetables have natural sugar and when your body has this sugar in its system chances are you will not crave other food items that have sugar. It has been found that when a person eats a well balanced diet during menopause they do not crave sodas, chocolate, or ice cream in fact it is the opposite. They begin to want the healthier diet and find they feel even worse if they revert back to an unhealthy diet.

You doctor or a dietitian will be able to point you towards the correct menopause diet for you. It is important that you do not starve yourself to lose weight. This will not help your other menopause symptoms. Salt is a leading cause for water retention, weight gain due to this water retention, and hot flashes during menopause. When you starve yourself, you tend to eat saltier foods or sugar laced delights so it is important to know the correct amount of calories you should be eating. If you suffer from symptoms of eating too many carbs, you might have to watch the amount of carbohydrates you eat while you create a proper menopause diet.

One of the pitfalls of menopause is that it can lead to food cravings for all the wrong kinds of foods. Many menopausal women feel driven to fill up on sugary, high-fat, salty fast foods and snacks, at the cost of eating low-fat nutrient dense foods. But other women may find themselves craving more meat, or dairy products, or fruit. The second sort of cravings are the ones which should be addressed, because they are the body’s way of indicating that it is in short supply of one or more of the nutrients in these foods.

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