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Due to the number of changes a woman’s body goes through when faced with menopause, a number of manufacturers have developed supplements to help ease some of that discomfort. These menopause supplements are specifically designed to offer relief with several key ingredients. One of these ingredients is a group called isoflavones which come from either soy or red clover.

Organic Woman’s Bread offers a generous amount of soy isoflavones, which equals nearly 80 mg, and also contains fiber and flax seeds. Flax & Soy Granola, offered by Zoe Foods, contains ingredients that are believed to help minimize the hot flashes that occur during menopause. Flax and Soy Bars, which are common snack items, are available for those with the munchies.

Many people take a menopause supplement without giving any thought to safety or how their system will react to it’s consumption. The unfortunate truth is that certain types of medication and/or a menopause supplement, both over the counter and prescription, may present serious risks to some individuals if used in excessive amounts or if not taken in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prior to purchasing or using any type of menopause supplement, make sure to read the outside packaging for any warning or cautionary notices. In addition, pay close attention to the instructions and guidelines for usage, which must be followed responsibly. When selecting a menopause supplement, it is important to note most will not cause side effects if used properly. Supplements are designed to help individuals meet their nutritional and/or replacement needs.

Never purchase a medication product that has been opened or appears to have been tampered with. Always check that your product is factory sealed before you buy it, and if you discover it after the fact, return it to the store right away. If this seal is not an option, consider ordering your medication online where it is kept out of high traffic areas before it is shipped. This reduces the opportunity for anyone to tamper with your product before you buy it.

Aside from an actual menopause supplement, some women find relief in aromatherapy, herbs, dietary supplements, etc.

The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice. Anyone with questions regarding the use of a menopause supplement should consult their physician for further information.

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