For Overall Well-being, Choose Soy Drink!

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Soy protein is regarded as one of the best proteins for human consumption. The health benefits it offers are numerous. The good thing is that you can have soy in more than one way. Soy drink is one of the various soy products available in the market and it is considered to be a very nutritious drink.

Proteins have the quality of providing healthy growth. But many products which contain protein also contain fat, for example meat and milk products. Soy drinks, on the other hand, are rich in protein while containing very little amount of fat. Therefore, those who are health conscious choose to supplement their intake of meat and milk with this advantageous health drink. Also, many who are striving to lose weight, especially overweight people, are advised to take these drinks as it helps in weight loss.

Soy drinks contain all the benefits offered by soy which may be enumerated as follows:

A great source of protein, calcium, fibers and omega-3 fatty acid

The particular protein that soy contains is far more digestible compared to other protein types. Also, the fact that it is plant protein make it free from the antibiotics and steroids that animal protein contains

Fat content is very low

Soy is also free of lactose. Those who are lactose intolerant can therefore enjoy the benefits of protein intake while avoiding their nemesis- lactose

Soy is a great source of isoflavones, phytosterols and saponins. Isoflavones are effective antioxidant and they prevent the effects of free radicals in the human body. They are known to get rid of many signs of ageing, reduce bone loss in menopausal women and also in preventing cancer. Phytosterols help in reducing cholesterol while saponins help in building a healthy immune system

Soy also helps in bringing relief from occasional constipation

As soy is cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat, it also reduces the chances of heart disease to a considerable extent. It helps in lowering blood pressure and promoting the good health and functioning of arteries.

These are the many advantages you can get for yourself through regular intake of soy drinks. These drinks are by far the best way to acquire overall well-being.

By: Janne Clarke

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