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Gout is a kind of arthritis caused by hyperuricemia (elevated concentrations of uric acid in the blood stream). This medical disorder occurs when there are deposits of urate crystals in the connective tissues (joint, for example) provoking an inflammatory reaction of these tissues and, sometimes, kidney damage.

Uric acid is a normal component of blood, resulting from the deterioration of certain components of protein. In most cases, the origin of this excess is unknown. When the origin is found, it is often linked to other metabolic diseases (read below). That is why it is important to treat not only the “Gout”, but also the disease causing it. Our two-part remedy is the only natural treatment clinically proven to quickly relieve gout pain and permanently manage uric acid levels, that is, attacking the root of the problem.

Although reaches both women and men, in 90% of cases, gout is a disease of men occurring in those over 35 years old. In women, gout is occurs after menopause. The physical inactivity, obesity, alcoholism, and dietary factors surely play a role in its development.

The most common causes of Gout are the following:

· Lack of urinary elimination;

· Lifestyle – those who consume alcoholic beverages and diet rich in red meats are more at risk;

· Race – American blacks and British people are more likely to develop gout;

· Genetic – If your parents have gout, you have a chance of developing it;

· Excess production of uric acid from the metabolism of proteins;

· Destruction of cells nucleoprotein due to:

1) Extensive burns;

2) Hemolytic anemia;

3) Saturnism or plumbism ( lead poisoning);

4) Certain treatments: corticosteroids, thiazides;

5) Kidney diseases: Kidney failure, glomerulonephritis (glomerular nephritis, GN);

6) In children: Lesch-Nyhan disease (Choreoathetosis, encephalopathy), glycogen storage disease type 1.

What are the symptoms of Gout?

In most cases, the attacks of gout occur abruptly in the middle of the night. Its articulation of choice is the first metatarsophalangeal (big toe); however, the ankle, heel, instep, knee, wrist, elbow, fingers, and spine can be affected. Often, the patient complains of fatigue, flu-like state, headache, etc.

During the attacks, the patients feel a burning pain, as well as swelling of the joint. Areas of the joints become red hot, increased volume, and very painful. In most people, it causes a chronic insomnia (difficulty of falling and remaining sleep). If left untreated, the pain becomes more and more atrocious. In some cases, it is accompanied by a low-grade fever 38 ° C (ranging from 100.4°F (38°C) to 102°F (39°C)) associated with sweating and agitation. Sometimes, the pain is so severe that the patient cannot put his feet on the floor when he wakes up.

Why it is important to treat gout as quickly as possible?

Without a proper treatment, the disease will affect other joints and causes serious health problems. The disease can lead to a form of gout arthropathy (destruction ofhyaline cartilage with early osteoarthritis), and potentially leading to disability. The deposits of uric acid in the kidneys can lead to interstitial nephritis progressing to renal failure and hypertension.

Recommended Diet

· If you are obese, try to lose weight by consuming a hypolipidic and hypocaloric diet (foods low in fat and calorie);

· Drink more than 2 liters of water per day to eliminate excess acid uric from your blood;

· Drink abundantly carrot and citrus juice (lemons, oranges);

· Eat a low purine diet (Green vegetables, carrot, tomatoes, Fruits and fruit juices, Breads that do not have yeast, etc):

Eliminate or decrease the following foods in your diet

· Avoid high in purine foods (Kidney beans, Mushrooms, Beef, Pork, Bacon, Lamb, duck turkey, beer, Alcoholic beverage, etc.);

· Avoid shrinks , Charcuteries (Sausages, ham, cooked or processed meat foods);

· Avoid or consume moderately: Sardines, anchovies, herring, and milt);

· Avoid or consume moderately mayonnaise, ice cream, fermented cheese, chocolate, cacao, etc.

Is there a natural remedy for gout?

Yes. Our herbal remedies are fast-attacking, affordable and natural methods to help alleviate the occasional pain and risks of a gout attacks. Our gout remedies are consisting of : an Instant Relief Spray r so you are not tied down by gout discomfort, and The Uric Acid Flush that stops uric acid from crystallizing. Our gout cleanse formulas are designed to maintain optimal health to alleviate the signs and cure the root of the problems. Thousands of gout sufferers have chosen our gout remedies. Should you? Visit our http://www.vitalfoodstore.com/gout-remedies-gout-treatment-gout-cure-p/01064-543.htm”> gout remedies website.

By: Raphael

About the Author:

Raphaelo is a nutritionist with years of experience who strongly believes in natural healing. He also believes that nature has cures for most so called-incurable diseases. To learn more about his own personal beneficial experience with natural herbal remedies, Please visit his “>http://www.vitalfoodstore.com/gout-remedies-gout-treatment-gout-cure-p/01064-543.htm””> gout remedies website.

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