Healthy Balanced Diet and Regular Exercises Should Count for Menopause Treatments

herbal menopause relief
Both traditional and modern treatments are available for menopause symptoms. In fact menopause is not a disease. It is a natural process in woman’s life cycle. It happens when her ovary stops to produce eggs. Yet 80% of women face painful menopause. It affects their daily life. Both physical and emotional symptoms are experienced by most of the women.

Most of the women do not require any special treatment during menopause. A healthy and balanced diet and regular exercises will help to reduce most of the menopause symptoms. Care and affection from family members will reduce most of her emotional problems like depression, stress and mood changes etc. An understanding life partner can minimize the problems of painful menopause.

Most of the menopause problems occur due to decrease in estrogen level. Estrogen replacement therapy will help to get rid of many problems. Broken bones are the common problem faced by older women during menopause. Taking 1500 mg calcium daily in capsule form can balance the deficiency.

Sleeping disorder is another problem. It will increase the stress and depression of a woman. Night sweats and coldness may be the reason for sleeping disturbances. Sleeping pills recommended by your doctor will have sedation effect and you can get a sound sleep. Anti anxiety drugs are available to control anxiety that occur during menopause.

Most of the women experience the problem of vaginal dryness in their menopause. It is very uncomfortable. Estrogen tablet or cream can be administered that will help to provide lubricant. But it is a temporary relief only.

Hormone replacement therapy is one of the best treatments for reducing menopausal problems. It controls many diseases associated with menopause. Yet there are many risks like heart attack, breast cancer, blood clot etc. There are equal benefits and risks in this treatment. So you must decide on your own whether to take the treatment or not.

Yet there are alternative treatments to hormone therapy. You can follow some general tips. A simple change in your daily life will help you to get rid of menopausal problems. You should avoid smoking and taking alcohol. Eat high fiber food and drink plenty of water. Natural herbal remedies are also available which have no side effects. Dong quai and black cogosh are excellent herbs that help in minimizing many of the symptoms. Avoiding tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks will help more.

You should maintain your blood pressure level. You should take nutrition food that has good source of calcium and vitamins. Water melon and citrus fruits can control urinary tract infections. Regular exercises like walking will help you to keep healthy and strong. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining personal hygiene will help a lot.

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

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