Hot Flashes Remedy – Is There One That Really Works?

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Looking for a much needed hot flashes remedy? Then you are obviously experiencing “the change.” Hot flashes are the first sign of approaching menopause and the one symptom that most women would like to conquer. Before you run to your doctor and begin hormone therapy, try employing a few simple tips that can work as your hot flashes remedy.

One little known hot flashes remedy is apple cider vinegar. Taking a little of this vinegar has given many women relief from migraines, sinus headaches and even allergy symptoms. More importantly, women report fewer hot flashes! If apple cider vinegar works as your hot flashes remedy it may even increase your energy, alleviate dry skin and aid in weight loss. For no known side effects, I say bottoms up!

Another more prevalently known hot flashes remedy is exercise. Women who reported hot flashes so severe that they plagued them day and night sing the praises of exercise as the ultimate hot flash cure. The amount of exercise required to diminish your symptoms and act as your hot flashes remedy will vary. Reportedly, moderate exercise for 1-2 hours a day, 4-6 times a week has squelched hot flashes completely. On a side note, when the regular exercise stopped, the hot flashes immediately came roaring back. Talk about an incentive to keep exercising!

An increasingly popular hot flashes remedy is to drink soy milk or take soy products. In some women a glass of soy milk has almost a miracle effect. One woman reported that a glass of daily soy milk kept her hot flash free during the day, but she was continuing to experience night sweats. After warming up a good old cup of soy and enjoying it before bed, her night sweats disappeared and she finally got that elusive good night’s sleep. As long as you’re not allergic to soy, there’s a great possibility it may be your long sought after hot flashes remedy.

Soy not doing it for you? How about trying a little Tumeric? Women in India use this powder to help ease their menopause symptoms. This spice is said to not only ease hot flashes, but also soothe irritated skin. Taken in a small dose Tumeric has no known side effects, but they have the potential to help your fight in finding your hot flashes remedy.

A more common hot flashes remedy is cutting out the sugar in your diet. Cutting your sugar intake is known to help with many physical and emotional ailments, but also may decrease the frequency and intensity of your hot flashes.

If the above suggestions don’t help, never give up! There’s no need to live in misery for years and years to come. There are many other natural remedies that relieve hot flashes. It is simply a matter of systematically finding what your triggers are and eliminating them, then trying some of the many remedies that are readily available to you. Keep at it and you will eventually develop your own hot flashes remedy.

By: Linda Bruton

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