How a Woman Should Deal With Pre Mature Menopause Symptoms

symptoms of menopause
Pre mature menopause is said to be occurred even before 40 years. Menopause that occurs before the normal age of 45 years, then it is said to be premature menopause. It may happen naturally due to genetic matters or due to any medical treatment like removing the ovary by surgery. The main problem of pre mature menopause is that the woman can not get pregnant as her ovary stops producing eggs.

You may experience several symptoms during premature menopause. Irregular periods will be a major symptom. Heavy bleeding or light bleeding will indicate your premature menopause. But you should remember that irregular periods may be due to some other reasons like cancer growth, fibroids etc. Your doctor can help you to confirm whether you are in pre mature menopause.

70 to 80 % of women face the problem of hot flashes during their menopause period. If you feel any warm prickly feeling in the back and that last for seconds to half an hour, then it may be the symptom of your pre mature menopause. This happens because the estrogen level is decreasing.

Bladder control problems, dry and itchy skin, vagina dryness and sleeping trouble are some of the other symptoms of premature menopause. If you face any of the symptoms and if you are under 40 then the doctor will check whether you have taken cancer treatment or whether your mother or elder sister has experienced the problem of pre mature menopause.

If you are not getting pregnant for more than a year, then the doctor will check you whether you facing pre mature menopause. This is because premature menopause occurs even when you get your periods but not able to conceive.

Premature ovarian failure may cause premature menopause. 1 in 1000 women faces this problem. Infertility occurs due to many reasons like cancer treatment, thyroid malfunction, removal of ovaries by surgery etc.

Sudden weight gain especially in waist line and abdomen are also the common symptoms of premature menopause. As the estrogen level is decreasing you may face several problems. Normally the symptoms are similar to menopause only but with the difference that it happens before the normal age of menopause.

Some women do not have any symptoms at all. Then the premature menopause is diagnosed through two or thee stets of HCG which is the important placental hormone. It can also be confirmed through blood tests to check the level of certain hormones. Treatment should be given to those women because premature menopause may cause several problems like osteoporosis and arterial diseases. Treatment should be continued up to the normal age of menopause. Hormone replacement therapy will be given to them. It will help to reduce the painful symptoms of pre mature menopause.

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