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Do You Want to Stay Young, Healthy, Pretty and Sexy No Matter What Your Age? Well, You can if you only knew the secret that beautiful sought after women haven known for centuries. now you have somehow stumbled upon the revelation of those secrets.

There’s TONS of Information about Womens Health during Menopause! Hormones ,Cut-through Medical Research , Womens Health Diets, Womens Health Herbs,Chinese Medicine,Ayurvedic Medicine, Vitamins, Supplements, Calcium,and more, more, more.

Womens Health Research is Big Time now!

…and its all fascinating! Its Fun to learn about things -that help You understand Yourself Better.

… if you are a woman interested in staying Young, Healthy, Pretty, Happy and Alive…..then… the more you can learn about Womens Health Information the better.

Why? Because the more you can inform yourself about the whole process, the more you will be Armed with Womens Health Knowledge…the most Crucial Tool you have to stay Healthy and Happy!

Your first Menopause Symptom is a Turning Point where there are two roads to choose…one road leads to Decline, Old Age. The Other road leads to continued Strength…feeling Young and Pretty…with a sound Body and Mind.

…The first road happens through neglect and ignorance. The second requires a bit of undertanding about Womens Health. That Understanding will give you the Powerful Key you need to Feel Great Now, Symptom Free, and Prevent problems later…

OK, So what is Menopause? Menopause is when your period stops…and doesn’t return for a year, or so. That sounds pretty simple, but Symptoms are no joke…and 75-80% of women experience some. Most Women experience their first Menopause Symptom in their late 40’s to early 50’s. Ages 48 to 52 are the most typical. Even five to ten years before this, many women start to get a Perimenopause symptom or two. Menopause before the age of 40 is considered early. The whole process can take a few years.

Ideally, these should be years of continued Strength,Radiance and Feminine Wisdom. In Many Cultures Menopause Symptoms, as a Womens Health Problem, are unknown, or at least not the norm.

Menopause is a Natural transition from Reproducing to focusing on other productive areas, in Your life. Normal Menopause should not involve Discomforts and Decline. So,What is the menopause fuss and all the “horror- flash” stories?

Its about Balance. and Imbalance.Cultures that are Menopause-Symptom Free usually have a system of Balancing the body. Often the Balance Principles are woven into the culture’s traditional ways of day to day living.

Take Chinese Medicine for example. Traditionally, Medicinal Herbs are cooked into Soups according to Season, Age,Health. These are served to the family as their daily fare. These can include Astragalus(HuangQi),DongQuai, Lycium Fruits(GouQiZi),Ginseng(Ren Shen).We’re talking about Super-Energy and Blood Tonics. They also have Longetivity Tonics, Life-Giving Traditional Rejuvinating Elixers. Everybody over 40 takes these.

But,Today’s Modern, Harrassed, Stressed-Out Woman may not be getting the benefit of this type of Wisdom. She may be Running around. not eating properly. not Replenishing Herself Mentally, Physically,Creatively,Spiritually.Just Stressed and trying to catch up. and feeling lousy, but no time to check it out.

Many women, feeling like this, go to Dr.’s in Dispair.Until a year ago, or so, it was pretty likely that a woman would be given Hormones. HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy.

But why? What happened to Her Hormones? Why isn’t she producing enough for what she needs? Because She is Out of Balance. Probably deficient in the basic building blocks she needs to Replenish Herself, her Blood, Her Energy. Month after month. Exhausted. This kind of Menopause scenario can mean that the body, with it’s Wisdom,is conserving Strength and Blood, by turning down the Estrogen that will once again, build a Uterine Lining, to be shed. Losing too much Blood.

OK, So lets say, a woman takes the Hormones? So What? What’s the Big Deal?

HORMONES:THE Real Story Modern Medicine sees Menopause as Estrogen Deficiency. The Ovaries are not producing enough Estrogen…and this is causing the Menopause Symptoms. But they didn’t look into REASONS for this happening and balance the Body. The standard treatment was to replace the missing Estrogen. Just take your HRT and be Menopause Symptom free!

But that’s not the real Truth.

There are three Types of Human Estrogen. Estriol makes up 80-90%. Estrone is 5-10%. Estradiol is 5-10%. Estradiol was found in Pregnant Horse URINE Unbelievably,Horse Urine became, and is still the basis for most Pharmaceutical Estrogen Replacement. Premarin, the number-one seller,of all time, stands for PRegnantMARe-urINe. I kid you not. Gross, perhaps,but the real problem is the danger…with Estradiol.

Estradiol(E2) is the dangerous, aggressive Estrogen that you hear linked to Cancer. Not surprising, when you consider that it promotes rapid cell proliferation-230% more than usual. Then, it breaks down into known DNA Mutating agents like 4-catechol-estrone,and other metabolites. Bad Combo!

Golly, You’d think a Menopause Symptom is better than Cancer?(Naturally, in the body it’s not a problem, because Estradiol is only 5-10% of Human Estrogen. Estriol, which accounts for 80-90% breaks down into 2-catechol-estrone, which is Actually Cancer protective!)

So,after too many women got Cancer, Dr.s decided to combine the Estradiol with Progesterone. Good Thinking! Progesterone normalizes the effect of Estrogen overgrowth. Plus, Progesterone is neccessary for Bone growth.

Unfortunately, because Progesterone is a natural Hormone, it can’t be patented. So, Greedy Drug companies changed a molecule and patented Medroxy-progesterone-acetate. This caused more trouble than ever…more cancer, strokes, Alzheimer’s and worse until finally, it was STOPPED… and thousands of women were yanked off of the dangerous treatment, before it was too late…But now thousands of women are experiencing Menopause Symptoms…BUT would be scared to DEATH to take Killer Hormones! So, Now what? The search is still on for ways to Replace Estrogen.

Plant Estrogens,or Phyto-Estrogens are gaining popularity. These are Plants whose structure is similiar enough to Estrogen, to bind to Human Estrogen Receptor Sites. Although these plants are 200-400 times weaker than actual hormones, there is often significant Menopause Symptom relief, reported. Common Estrogenic Plants of this sort are Black Cohosh, Red Clover,Suma,Sage, and Soy. These Phyto-Estrogens are often combined in formulas and sold commercially.

By the way,Soy is well known as a PhytoEstrogen, BUT TOO MUCH can Slow Down Thyroid Function!!

That’s Your Metabolism! It can sap your Energy. The difference between PEPPED or POOPED. I DO NOT Recommend taking Huge amounts of Soy on a daily basis…which is why I don’t recommend High concentrate soy-based menopause supplements. That includes TOFU. Tofu is Hard to Digest, for many Menopausal women. Causes Gas and Bloating.That doesn’t mean avoiding soy altogether. Miso is a more Digestable Form.

Alternative Medicine:Very Different View! Alternative Medicine Systems Do Not see Menopause in this way at all, however. The focus is more that the Symptoms indicate Imbalances that need to be addressed.

OK,let’s get more specific. Most Menopause Symptoms like Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Sleep disturbances, even Emotional Stuff are Classic Symptoms of Deep Dehydration. Dehydration of the Blood itself.

Western Medicine tells us that the Stuff we call “Blood” is a liquid that should be 2 parts Red Blood Cells to 3 parts Water. White Bloo
d Cells take up only 1-2%. The Water part is down…not enough fluid.

What we are talking about is reduced and even thckened blood volume. Not enough Water. Not enough Blood. (Dr.’s like to give Aspirin for this. It thins and Cools the Blood.Stops Fever).

The Brain is Smart and Sensitive enough to recognize Serious enough Depletion to affect Hormones. There’s Wisdom to Shutting down Reproductive Functions when there is not enough Blood to Nourish the Mom’s Basic needs,let alone a pregnancy. Like in Famine, Anorexia, even Post Viral… Situations that leave even a young woman,seriously compromised. Period Often stops.

It Happens to YOUNG WOMEN TOO!

I treat loads of Young women, panicked that their period Hasn’t come for MONTHS!Just being away from home for the first time, with a lousy diet and homesickness can do it.

The Hypothalamus is saying.”look hold off on the monthly Blood Loss(period). She doesn’t have enough herself.” Don’t Forget, the Uterus does not manufacture Blood. The Period Blood comes from Regular Circulating blood that you need for a lot of things. Usually, after a few months of Deep Blood Nourisment, These Young Women are doing Great!

Imagine a kettle over a fire with not enough water in it.As the water gets consumed by the heat. Heat(which rises)starts to flare up as the kettle starts getting scorched. Hot Flashes!

The body is getting too Dry. Old Age Symptoms are Dryness Symptoms.Wrinkles Shriveling.

Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine would treat this by “Coolng and Nourishing the Blood”. You can translate that to: “Expand Blood Volume and Treat Underlying Inflamatory Process”.

Now you know Why Dong Quai(Angelica Sinensis) has gained a reputation for Menopause Relief. It is not Estrogenic at all! This Herb, traditionally used by Chinese Women for Centuries, is a Nourishing BLOOD Tonic! They use it in Soups as FOOD! And they don’t get Menopause Symptoms!

But, it’s not so Simple. DonQuai actually Warms and Stimulates the Blood. It contains Coumarins, that can encourage Blood Flow. Therefore should Not be taken Alone by Women with Heavy Periods or taking prescription AntiCoagulants. And it Warms the Blood, which can increase the Hot Flashes.

Herbs that are Cooling and Highly Nourishing like Chinese Stellaria(YinChaiHu) or,Chinese Asparagus Root(TaiMenDong) really help! The related Herb .Shatavari(Asparagus Racemosa) is Famous in India as Deeply Nourishing to Fluids and Blood. Another Incredible Fluid and Blood Builder is Spirulina.

By: Aliza Adar Levine

About the Author:

Aliza Adar Levine RNMH is an Registered Nurse, Midwife, and TCM Herbalist and Pharmacist, as well as medical Researcher for Major Hospitals in Israel.
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