Keeping An Eye Out For Menopause Signs

signs of menopause
For women, menstruation and menopause form the common ground that unites our gender. No matter what our culture, ethnicity, or geographical location, our bodies were all meant to do the same things. Menstruation gives us the opportunity – should we choose to do so – to reproduce. And when the time comes, the ability to reproduce comes to an end in the form of menopause. Menopause results in the same physiological result; but the menopause signs are different for each of us.

Menopause generally begins sometime between a woman’s mid-forties and mid-fifties – although there will always be instances when it occurs earlier or later. In short, menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years with the permanent cessation of her menstrual cycle. Menopause does not occur overnight; rather, when it is a natural process rather than something brought on by a surgical procedure, it generally occurs over the course of several years. Learning to read what could be menopause signs will alert you to this change of life.

Some early menopause signs may include an ongoing erratic menstrual cycle. Women may have irregular periods here and there due to stress and a variety of other factors. But when the irregularity continues for a long period of time it may be one of the earliest menopause signs.

Other menopause signs include hot flashes – a feeling of suddenly becoming very hot that comes and goes; night sweats that attack in the middle of the night; mood swings or erratic behavior similar to – but often more severe than – premenstrual syndrome; memory loss; changes in sexuality including loss of desire and vaginal dryness; and unexplained weight gain.

Difficulties often result in trying to determine if some of these symptoms are actually menopause signs because they are similar to a host of other conditions. But symptoms of stress and illness – those symptoms that most mirror those of menopause signs – can be ruled out after a thorough examination by a medical professional. If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, are having irregular menstrual cycles, and are of the right age, chances are you are experiencing menopause signs.

On the upside, menopause signs can give you time to see a doctor and prepare yourself for menopause by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

By: Michelle Bery

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