Learn About a Testosterone Deficiency in Women?

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What About ATestosterone Deficiency In Women?

Can women have a testosterone deficiency? A lot of people think only teenage boys have testosterone! In reality, both men and women have and need testosterone. Is it very important for women? It certainly is! It affects your sex-drive, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.

The problem often arises during menopause that the desire for sex just dwindles down to near zero. It is hard to become aroused, the vaginal lubrication just isn’t there and orgasm seems a distant memory. What you need is some natural menopause relief!

What can you do about a testosterone deficiency in women?

The first line of defense is good nutrition and a healthy life-style. Some women must make the decision whether or not they should take testosterone therapy as a solution. For some, this might be the correct choice, however, there is a natural way to solve this problem.

In women, testosterone comes primarily from the ovaries. During menopause, the ovaries begin slowing down in their production of hormones. Normally, the adrenal glands help out and make up whatever is lacking in order to produce testosterone, but stress of any type can cause this process to be disrupted. The body then chooses survival over sex-drive and puts its energy elsewhere.

The result is a lack of sex-drive, and other menpause symptoms. Plus, women who adhere to fat-free diets only make matters worse. So, if the female body nearly ceases to produce testosterone as menopause develops, what can you do?

You need to help your body produce the depleted testosterone. This can be done naturally by eating the right foods and supplementing your diet with high quality vitamin and mineral supplements. It is not enough just to pick up some generic one-a-day type vitamin either. Sadly, many common brands have artificial ingredients and your body may not even be able to assimilate some to the vitamins and minerals. Iron is a classic example of this.

Are there foods that produce testosterone?

A partial list includes the following common foods: oysters, lean beef, beans, poultry, eggs, cottage cheese (1% milk fat), broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. By including these foods in your diet and including high quality vitamin/mineral supplements, you will help restore the hormonal balance in your body, naturally.


If you want to relieve the symptoms of menopause, especially those that are connected with your sex drive, you can do it naturally, at a very reasonable cost. Include the testosterone producing foods, include quality supplements, and get adequate exercise and rest. You can do a great deal about a testosterone deficiency in women.

Plus, remember to make time for romance!

By: Randy Hough

About the Author:

Randy Hough lives and works in the Upper Valley of Vermont. His 8 lively children have taught him more than he ever imagined possible. Together with Laura Simon,MSW,MEd, they have a Family Stress site and a Safe Menopause Relief site.


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