Losing Weight After Menopause: Doing The Impossible

symptoms of menopause
When a lot of women think of menopause, they think of night sweats, hot flashes and of course those terrible mood swings. Finally, when menopause ends, they believe it is all over and the symptoms will taper off and they can live it up without having to worry about that monthly visitor. That is not entirely true, during menopause there is another symptom that a lot of women do not realize is a symptom is weight gain. A woman can gain up to fifteen extra pounds during all the stages of menopause so you will probably want to lose weight after menopause. It is quite difficult to lose weight during menopause so a lot of women tend to want to drop the weight after menopause.

One of the main reasons and complaints women use when it comes to menopausal weight gain is that their hormones are all out of whack and that is the reason they can not drop the weight. Even though, the lack of certain hormones may be to blame as to why you gained the weight in the first place, there is absolutely no reason why you could not have dropped it before you entered post menopause.

One thing that will definitely help you lose the weight through the entire menopause process is watching what you eat and drink. Although a lot of people do not like to admit that they need to watch what they eat and drink, when you are going through menopause, it is absolutely necessary, for there are many more obstacles in the way that may prevent you from dropping the weight entirely. Think about everything that you consume, if you tend to drink a lot, take some food for thought into consideration. Alcohol will not just help you gain weight, but it will help you gain it at a faster pace than if you did not drink all that often. Just remember that all alcohol is empty calories and if you do still need to drink, opt for something light and low in calories.

Another thing that will assist you in losing the weight is – yes, exercising. While most people do not like to exercise at all, it is a part of life and will help you in the long run to build the muscle that will fight fat. Now we are not talking about going to the gym five days a week, a simple walk around the block or a swim on a pool three times a week will do wonders for your body!

Lastly, It is not just about drinking, exercise and staying all healthy, it is about your diet too. You do not have to watch every single calorie that goes in your mouth but if you eat two or three servings of fruits and vegetables a day along with a nice and balanced meal at least twice a day, than you will definitely see a difference in your body’s reaction. Consuming roughly 1,600 to 1,800 calories a day will keep you on track and yes, that does include what you are drinking so plenty of water may be a great idea.

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