Menopause — A Chinese Herbal Prescription (19)

MENOPAUSE – – A Chinese herbal prescription.
Menopause is a defining aging condition for females. It’s a natural process signifying the end of reproductive ability. Besides physical discomforts, menopause has a significant emotional impact on women. Combined with other stresses, menopause can easily cause a depression.

Nature of menopause:
• It occurs around age 50, earlier for some, later for others.
• The menopause period varies from a few months to a few years.
• During the menopause period, menstruation becomes more and more irregular, until it finally stops altogether.

Symptoms of menopause:
• Hot flashes, especially at night or when not busy
• Sudden mood changes
• High irritability
• Emotional ups and downs.
• Mild depression in some cases.

The right attitude:
• Menopause is a challenge in a woman’s life.
• Since it’s a natural process with various disturbances, the best approach is to understand its nature and handle it with coolness and grace.
• Do some gentle exercise everyday.
• Remember to keep busy and get your mind off the symptoms when they flare up. The following are recommended: work on your hobbies, take a walk, see a friend, help someone, etc.
• Don’t let the symptoms get into your nerves.
• Don’t let menopause disrupt your normal life. It will pass.
• Don’t try to fight a natural process with a strange method of human intervention. They may bring adverse side effects.

The classical Chinese approach to menopause is to alleviate the physical symptoms and help the patient sail smoothly through this transition period. An herbal prescription should deliver the following:

1) Calming effect
Xi Yang Shen ???
Bai Shao ??
Mai Men Dong ???

2) Cooling effect
Gou Teng ??
Huang Qin ??
Zhi Mu ??

3) Menstrual balancing
Chuan Xiong ??
Dang Gui ??
Di Huang ??
Chi Shao ??

4) Enhance blood circulation
Sang Ji Sheng ???
Niu Xi ??
A total of 12 herbs are used.

Drink one cup (8 oz) of herb tea a day, preferably daytime. You don’t need the herb tea for consecutive days. Drinking 10 to 20 cups of herb tea within a month will suffice normally.

This is just one formula with countless variations depending on:
* How accurate the herbalist understands your symptoms
* How does your body respond to the herbs.
* The herbalist cannot shorten your menopause period. With the right herbs,
the herbalist can make it much easier for you to bear. Click the Askjohn button to pose a question.
Herbal capsules or concentrates can be tailor-made for your conditions.

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