Menopause And What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

early menopause
This article pertains to all of the thousands of women that go through menopause. When we were growing up we couldn’t wait to grow up, start having the curse, as our mothers called it, and have children. After the first child was born and the newest of the curse wore off, then we could wait for the curse to go away. Of course the only way that this would happen is when you go through menopause.

This is one reason why your doctor might not let you have your tubes tied after you have had three or more children because they think that if you have this tubal procedure done, it could put you into early menopause. Menopause isn’t easy to deal with. The first sign of going through this is that you will start having your periods at different times of the month. Sometimes you might have more than one or you might not have one at all.

Then the next think that you might notice is that you stop all together. Of course there are the mood swings that will occur from time to time, but these will occur more often as the time increases. Of course you will also experience what we call as night sweats. These will make your body temperature feel like it is going up and up until it reaches a certain point, and then it will drop. But these night sweats can get so bad that you feel like your body is going to set on fire.

These will keep getting worse until you think that you can’t take it anymore and go to a doctor. He will probably put you on hormone pills that will help you get through this time. Once you start taking these pills you will have to take them the rest of your life. This is the main reason why most women will try to go through this by themselves.

I’m told by other women that have gone through this that if you buy estrogen that this will help and will keep you from getting facial hair or losing your female hormones. Some older woman will start to notice that they are growing facial hair on their upper lips and that maybe their eyebrows are starting to get a little thicker.

Menopause is another way for your body to tell you that you are getting older, not that we don’t know this by looking at ourselves in the mirrors.

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