Menopause Definition and Herbal Supplements

Menopause can be defined as absence of menstrual periods for about one year. Menopause simply means not having menstrual cycle that the woman had since adolescence. After certain age, the ovulation stops and hence, the menstrual cycles cease. In simple words, menopause is the period in a woman’s life when her ovaries stop functioning for reproduction. The ovaries, female gonad are pair of reproductive glands in every normal woman.

However, there are many disputes about exact definition of the menopause. One of those confusions is there are many stages of the natural menopause process but authentically, natural menopause is the transition between two important phrases; perimenopause and postmenopause. Whatever the definition we adopt, menopause is the ceasing of the menses or menstrual flow that every woman achieves one or the other stage of her life (generally at the age of 50-53 years).

If we look at the path physiology of the menopause, the ovarian supply of follicles and eggs will decline sharply once the women reach their menopauses. If occurs naturally, it cannot be considered as medical illness but it is a natural biological process. Though, there are many mental and physical symptoms such as disturbed sleep, lack of energy and interest in daily activities, sadness, lethargy, headache and abdominal cramps are common in a woman who is about to attend or has recently attended her menopause.

In the body, there are various hormones and they are the hormonal changes that cause menopause but mistaken beliefs about the condition are women will lose her sexual interests and sex drive will be zero. It could be true but not wholly. There is markedly loss in sexual urges since the female hormone responsible for sexual arouse are drastically down in their levels but then too, sex drive in women who attended menopause is never zero.

Menopause has nothing to do that can bring down the sexuality or femininity. In fact, for many women, it is the freedom from being pregnant and getting those hot flushes that used to make her down and dull. Menopause is normal and physiological but then too, if there are other symptoms in severity, the woman should see her doctor for them. This is because in many gynecological conditions where the menstrual flow stops but the reason could be different than menopause.

There is no such diagnosing factor that can label the woman with menopause but age and ceased menstrual flow for longer period can be identical factors for the menopause. There is no treatment required since menopause is not a disease. However, you can go for some pills and natural therapies that can give you symptomatic relief.

Body detoxifying treatment, natural and/or herbal supplements, acupressure and Yoga and Pranayama have markedly improved menopausal symptoms without any side or harmful effects. Some of the naturopaths believe that acupressure and reflexology play important role in getting relief from menopausal symptoms. Low dose antidepressants, hormonal therapy, selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) etc are also prescribed worldwide for menopausal symptoms.

One should keep hygiene at the private organs and should check out for the vaginal dryness, one of the leading causes for vaginal problems. Body cleansing programs may help overcoming such problems.

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