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I have been fortunate throughout my life to have kept very good health, so it came as a bit of a shock at the age of 50 to start with hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations and generally feeling ‘not really 100%’.
I was determined not go down the HRT route, and 3 years later, still had not found an effective natural remedy, so had just got used to feeling hot and bothered and very jaded for most of the time.
I was introduced to transfer factors and genistein phytoestrogen blend. Over a period of a couple of months (and it was a relatively gradual process) I am pleased to say that the menopausal
symptoms have all but disappeared. What a relief! An interesting and unexpected side effect — I no longer get a reaction to bites from mosquitoes and sand flies, which caused me to come up in large, red, itchy swellings that lasted for weeks. Not exactly life threatening that one, but a nuisance none the less. I put that down to a stronger immune system brought about by taking transfer factors. At first I thought that the transfer factors was an expensive product; now I think it to be the best investment I have ever
made for my and my family’s future health.
M Cornthwaite
During a discussion, my neighbour asked me how I knew I was nearing menopause. I gave her the possible symptoms including “flying off the handle for no reason”. This rang a big alarm with her as she
has recently been sending her husband diving for cover with her sudden outbursts. I told her about the genistein phytoestrogen blend and how it might help her. She bought some, and when I saw her three weeks later she said she hadn’t had a grumpy day since she started them. In fact – her husband was getting nervous because she was getting close to the bottom of the bottle! She is thrilled with the results – and needless to say – so is her husband!! He calls them ‘magic’ pills!
B Spraggs

Well what can I tell you from my own story: I had suffered for years with incredibly heavy periods and was getting to the point where I could not leave the house for 3 weeks in a month, it was dreadful, my friend convinced me to go see a specialist and find out if it was normal, it had been like this for years so I thought it was….. well away I went to see him, one of Hamilton’s finest, he could not believe I had put up with all this for so long, he did his normal tests etc….. won’t go into those…. And said I needed immediate help and I needed a hysterectomy immediately …. WOW, I was not prepared for that, that is for sure….
That was December 2005, I was scheduled for surgery January 15 2006,.. It was all so quick I didn’t have time to think, I didn’t really want to go into menopause as I thought I was too young, 49 at the time….. after the operation and long story short, my 6 month visit came up, so I went and got the thumbs up all is well…….. so then came the question..
“So when will I go into Menopause…. Hot Flushes… etc etc.. “

He said I should start to notice the onset within the next month or so….. OH NO.. NOT Hot Flushes and all that goes with it…. I remember my mother going through all that, I did not want that to happen. I braced myself and well guess what….. It has not happened… not a hot flush to be had by me.. not any sign actually… nothing… zilch

So why not YOU ask?? It should have happened according to the Doctor..
Easy really, I found out about this product that you have been reading about called Biogenistein, I started taking it about 18 months ago, I take 2 a day…. I am so well I’m dangerous, No HOT FLUSHES for ME, None EVER.
Sit back and watch this movie of the world renowed Dr Townsend an Gynecologist Oncologist. email me if you need any help at all How does BioGenistein Plus work?
Each of the components in the BioGenistein Plus formulation are
important. One of the key ingredients, genistein, is particularly
important because it is the most heavily researched of the
phytoestrogens. Genistein has been shown in some cases to support
bone mass health1, support prostate health2, support and maintain
healthy breast tissue3 and help support and maintain heart and artery
health.4 *
Gail Bottomley,Gail Bottomley, Gail Bottomley

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