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This article contains menopause information especially for women who may be experiencing perimenopause symptoms for the first time.

The beginning of menopause may start 2-8 years before a woman realizes what is happening – the perimenopause symptoms. By the age of 40, her periods may become irregular, possibly heavier than in the past due to the lower level of progesterone and higher level of estrogen in her body. It’s likely that the use of a specific amount of progesterone cream applied to the skin will help that, but menopause hasn’t arrived until one full year goes by without a menstrual period. So, what about the other symptoms of menopause such as mood swings, depression, insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness to name the most common. A support group for menopause information may be invaluable at that time.

Home Remedies For Menopause Symptoms

– Drink a glass of water at the first sign of hot flashes

– Keep yourself fit by walking, jogging, bicycling, dancing, and swimming. This helps immensely to provide relief from menopause symptoms.

– Avoid hot and spicy foods.

– Keep away from alcohol and caffeine, which can trigger hot flashes.

– Try to relax by adopting breathing techniques to soothe and calm your body.

– Wear comfortable clothes that are made of natural fibers like cotton or wool.

A menopause information support group consists of other women that have the same concerns as you and are experiencing, or have experienced, the same symptoms as you so they are in a position to truly understand and empathize with you. Having these women share ideas for ways to conquer problems can be beneficial in ways a person who has never experienced menopause or perimenopause symptoms could never do. The local Health Department, your doctor’s office, or a women’s health clinic would be good places to find a support group in your area.

Another source for menopause symptoms is the Internet. Many websites are available that offer online chats or message boards.

Some women don’t like the idea of hormone replacement therapy to relieve their menopause symptoms. Some women just don’t do well with it, while others are looking for a more natural way to go. Herbal therapy is one way a lot of women are looking at.

Hot flashes don’t just come as hot flashes. They come along with nausea, headaches, and anxiety, making it incredibly unbearable at times throughout menopause. Black cohosh (sometimes called rattle weed, squawroot, or black snakeroot) is an herbal treatment to help contain hot flashes. It’s normally found in North American forests.

Traditionally, the first American Indians boiled the Black cohosh into a tea and drank it for many illnesses. It seems to be very safe when following directions.

If you decide not to go with hormone replacement therapy for your menopause symptoms, there’s no need to suffer. Doctor’s are well versed in herbal remedies today. Talk to your doctor and ask about interaction of any drugs you are taking with the herbs you are thinking about taking. You can usually find these herbs at a drug stores and health food stores. The pill form of these herbs has become very popular, however, home brewing fresh herbs may be more effective.

In summary, menopause can be stated as the last menstrual cycle in a woman’s life. It’s part and parcel of your life, similar to many other things. These symptoms begin long before your menstruation cycle completely stops and are called perimenopause symptoms. Menopause symptoms can last for months or even years. If there are no periods in 12 successive months, it means you have reached menopause. It is a natural process that is related to hormonal, physical, and psychosocial changes in your life.

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