Menopause Symptoms. the Easy Way to Fight Them

symptoms of menopause
Menopause is a normal period in a woman’s life beginning in most of the cases after reaching 45 years. It’s a natural phenomenon that can not be considered a disease despite its’ symptoms. A low level of estrogen is believed to be the main cause of unwanted symptoms like vaginal dryness, hot flashes, memory loss or insomnia, specific in this period of a woman’s life, but also the cause of more dangerous consequences like osteoporosis or even heart attacks. That’s why a special treatment and care from a medical staff is needed.

Many so called treatments can fight against those unpleasant symptoms. Hormone therapy is one of the most used treatments at menopause. It fights especially against bone weakness or memory loss, but because it includes the hormone called estrogen it helps in almost every case. This kind of treatment is not recommended without a doctor’s order because it can lead to side-effects.

Phytoestrogens are also a helpful treatment for women who have reached menopause. Containing phytoestrogens, soy and other herbs like wild yam or valerian root can have a benefic effect over menopause symptoms.

Calcium and vitamin treatment is very important for menopausal women, but a healthy diet can also help preventing osteoporosis or heart attacks. Giving up smoking or lack of alcohol reduce the risk of premature menopause. As a conclusion we may say that a healthy and active life prevents early menopause and reduces the risks of osteoporosis and heart attacks or other specific symptoms of this period.

Managing stress also means a problem for menopausal women. A treatment is not recommended but a massage or a warm bath and even quiet music can relax women.

For one of the most painful symptoms of menopause, vaginal dryness, moisturizers and lubricants are indicated.

Even though menopause symptoms are not general, each symptom represents a problem for women.

Menopause main symptoms are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, depression and memory loss. For each one of these doctors give women some indications. For example to get rid of hot flashes, wearing cotton clothes could be a solution. Less alcohol and tobacco is recommended as much as unseasoned food.

For vaginal dryness lubricant is a solution. Exercising and drinking a lot of liquids is recommended for these cases.

An easy form of depression is seen at some women, during their menopause. As a solution open talk is the recommendation.

Many other problems occur during menopause. Memory loss is one of them. It’s recommended for women to write things and try to use note books or reminders. Another problem that affects not only the body form but also the moral is weight gain. Weight gain can be stopped with the help of exercises and with a decrease of food rate.

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For more resources about menopause symptoms or even about early menopause symptoms please review

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