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It has been proven that, post menopause women will fall prey to high blood pressure quite comparing with the menstruating women. Post menopause women suffering with high blood pressure will get serious troubles like early aging, increased weight gain resulting to obesity. The most recent research has proven that, menopause will make women to get into bad health oriented risk, which in turns guide to aggressive high blood pressure. As the time of hormonal imbalance, women suffering from post menopause will experience the decreased level of estrogens. It is absolutely known that hormonal imbalance and changes will badly trouble the menopausal women resulting to high blood pressure. Basically, hormones play an essential role in maintaining the level of blood pressure! The declination of the hormone level will result to the severe cause of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is otherwise called as hypertension, will produce severe trouble to menopausal women. The decreased level in estrogen will make the blood vessels to turn out of tone and as a result, the blood flow will be reduced. Preventing the problem completely will quite not be possible, but you can dearly control the impact of high blood pressure to an advisable level. Little changes in the dieting process and style of living will bring the trouble under control. Women having smoking habit should give-up the practice, as that will turn as their first enemy in threatening their life. Moreover, menopausal women experiencing high blood pressure should take food that has low sodium content. Withal, exercising will be really good to keep all the disease and ailments far away.

Conventional Approach – It is fine to practice and lead a healthy way of life, so that you can stay far out from all these troubles. Are you obese? Then try to put down your weight as much you can! Menopausal women with overweight will experience quite many health oriented diseases including high blood pressure. Is smoking your habit? If you really mean to say “yes”, then it is mandatory to give-up the practice. Generally, menopausal women must have to take brisk walking everyday. 20 minutes walking will keep away twenty thousand diseases away. Eating superior amount of fresh green vegetables and fruits. Do not dump your stomach with food, as you will result to over weight. The better you lose weight the greater you reduce the chance of blood pressure. Also, post menopausal women suffering from high blood pressure are advices to take diets rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, and green vegetables.

Complimentary Therapies – Right medication will curb the level of blood pressure. Living a life with the right practice and involvement will help you to get better relief. It is desirable to join any meditation group or even you can buy books that teach you meditation. In spite of increasing the level of blood pressure, meditation will put an end to the trouble. Furthermore, meditation will make your mind to achieve balance pose and position.

Herbal remedial measures for high blood pressure cure – Hawthorne is advisable herbal remedy that dearly helps in eliminate blood pressure. Menopausal women with high blood pressure are advice to take raw extract of garlic

Homeopathic remedy for high blood pressure cure – Motherwort is measured to be the best tonic that has excellent ability to work with cardiovascular system. Also, in-taking of Dandelion Tea will bestow excellent health effects.

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