Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

herbal menopause relief
Natural hormone replacement therapy for menopause can be the use of a progesterone cream. It is administered by prescription and the most common dose is 25 to 100 ml.

This cream can be applied to your wrist, inner arm, thigh, or neck.

Natural hormone replacement therapy for menopause is commonly treated with Black Cohosh. Red Cohosh is also used to as a natural treatment for menopause therapy. Its properties are very similar to the Black Cohosh, and each one will take time to work in your body as it is a natural plant extract. You may experience relief from your symptoms as early as a week, but you will notice a significant difference after four weeks. There are other herbal remedies that can be used with the Black Cohosh, but most women use the Black Cohosh with a progesterone cream.

A major plus in using natural hormone replacement therapy or menopause is that many of the key ingredients found in the medication are plant extract, and are 100 percent identical to those created by the human body.

Another term for natural hormone replacement is Biologically Equivalent Pellet Therapy. This replacement therapy has positively impacted diseases such as osteoporosis, prostrate cancer, and even HIV.

Because there are so many negative side effects to HRT, the choice to choose something natural is better because it makes more sense to give the body something it already recognizes and utilizes on a daily basis.

Biologically Equivalent Therapy uses ingredients that are exactly the same produced by the body. They are not synthetic, nor do they have the same side effects as HRT.

A woman’s body produces three different types of estrogen, estrone, estradiol, and estriol Estradiol is the predominant estrogen, produced in twice the amounts as the other estrogen in the blood. For her body to function normally, she must have a ratio of 2:1.

Since the hormone levels are out of balance during menopause, it is important for the body to get its hormone levels balanced. By choosing a natural remedy for menopause therapy, you give your body a chance to fight the nagging symptoms of menopause. The hot flashes, headaches, night sweats, moodiness, irritation, bloating, and fatigue. All these symptoms can be relieved by using a more natural method, not allowing you to experience the side-effects of HRT.

When choosing a natural remedy, it is important to research all the ingredients used whether you choose a cream or a pill. Some natural herbs and plants have other side-effects and can also give you an adverse reaction to other medications you are taking. Be sure to speak to a physician when choosing a natural remedy for menopause therapy, as he or she can advise you on which ones will work well with your body, and the individual symptoms suffer from.

It is always wise to remember that each woman is different and will experience different symptoms while going through menopause. Hormone levels for each women decreases at a different rate, and only your doctor can perform the test necessary to determine which treatment works best for you.

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