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Menopause comes with its own problems for women. Some of the symptoms of menopause include, slowing down and then total cessation of menstruation, elimination of child bearing hormones and decrease in the breast size. Women also complain of other uncomfortable symptoms including, insomnia, night sweats, erratic moods and vaginal dryness as menopause sets on. Fortunately though there are many natural menopause products available in the market that can help them provide relief. You can find many such products being extensively advertised over the internet too. Along with valuable information you can also shop for such products over the internet, what with the wide variety on offer online.

One of the most popular of all natural menopause products is the herb, Sage. This Mediterranean herb is known for its varied medicinal properties and is known to have been used for centuries together by the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. The herb is known to contain several useful medicinal ingredients including, camphor, flavonoids, tannins, borneol, cineole and beta-thujone. The medicinal properties of this herb include being, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This herb also acts as an astringent, apart from being a good perspiration inhibitor. Clinical studies have clearly shown the efficacy of Sage when it comes to reducing the occurrence of excessive sweating during menopausal hot flashes.

Another one of the important natural menopause products is a Chinese herb called Dong Quai. This herb is also used in to treat other women’s health issues including menstrual cramps. Soy Isoflavones is a by product of soy beans and has been found useful as a natural remedy for relief from menopause symptoms. The soy acts as a very mild estrogen. This helps women to avoid using any prescription hormone replacement in many cases. There are many naturopaths who often recommend women who have just attained menopause or who are witnessing the symptoms of attaining menopause to eat soy containing food for this reason

Black cohosh root is another natural menopause product that is used by women in many parts of the world. This herb gives relief from symptoms such as headaches, vaginal dryness, relieves hot flashes, insomnia and headaches. Since it is a natural herb there are virtually no chances of any negative side effects. In fact this is one reason for the wide spread popularity of this natural remedy. You can always choose the right natural menopause products for your needs from this extensive list. It is always preferable that you talk to your doctor, even if you were to take natural menopause products.

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