Panic Attacks During Menopause

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Panic attacks are usually an uncontrollable condition in which a person feels panic in response to what should be a normal or non-threatening situation. Menopausal panic attacks are a shock to women that have never experienced anxiety. Panic attacks appear to strike younger postmenopausal women more than older women. The symptoms usually begin during perimenopause, which can begin as early as 35 years of age. Perimenopause is thought to begin at the time of hormonal symptoms to the end of the menstrual cycle or menses. It is however, very interesting to note that menopausal panic attacks is very much a western phenomenon.

Women who suffer from this kind of feeling have one thing in common – they do not breathe properly. Menopause are associated with anxiety symptoms that include feeling sudden intense fear, nervousness, sweating, and shortness of breath, palpitations, and dizziness. Many women from non-western countries including Hong Kong, Japan, and Pakistan only have a 10% incidence of panic attacks during this change of life period, compared with 85% in the west. Hormone imbalances that occur during perimenopause and menopause could be the cause of panic attacks. These imbalances do create an environment.

Panic attacks start without warning and last for minutes or hours. An afflicted person must cope with the possibility of an attack occurring while shopping, driving, attending church, or being with other people socially. There has been no agreement among professionals about what causes them.Panic attacks strike suddenly and like the waves at the beach, come in ebbs and flows. The intense physical sensations that accompany them may make you think that you may be suffering a heart attack. There are ways to avoid this unfortunate and unnecessary experience. As a women going through menopause.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be very beneficial whether treating stress, anxiety, or menopausal panic attack. The main purpose of hypnosis with regards to anxiety is to provide the individual’s unconscious or subconscious mind with suggestions on how to relax. Relaxation and imagery techniques are also commonly taught to help those who suffer from Panic Disorder to alleviate symptoms of panic attacks while they are experiencing them. Cognitive-behavioral therapy also helpful Panic attacks condition Natural anxiety treatments that have been used safely and effectively for centuries to treat the symptoms of anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

By: Juliet Cohen

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