PMS Medications Compared – How Effective Is Yours?

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Premensa from MicroNutra Health, PMS Lite from India Herbs, Femalite from Native Remedies and Estrox from Defence Nutrition are the four different all natural nutrition supplements that are meant to minimise the unpleasant symptoms associated with PMS. None of these medicines contain chemically formulated artificial ingredients that can be harmful to the health of the woman who consumes any of these medicines. For this reason these medicines can be used safely by any woman who faces the disturbing discomforts during the pre menopause period.

Feed back from the consumers and the quality of the ingredients used to make a medicine are the two reliable parameters that we can adopt in comparing the effectiveness of a medicine; especially a medicine that use natural herb extract to produce it. To find the best among these products that are used for the same purpose we will have to analyse the effectiveness of each and every component used in preparing these medicine. The combination or the ratio adopted in blending the ingredients also plays an important role in making a medicine more effective than another that use the same ingredients.

Femalite offers a stable mood and relief from the blues that a woman experience during the premenstrual period. It also promises freedom from the aches and pains that a woman feels during this period. It can be used safely by any woman as it does not contain any artificial ingredients in it. But the feed backs from the customers who have experimented with this medicine do not express a very positive response wit regard to the effect of this medicine in reducing the symptoms associated with pre menopausal period.

PMS Lite from India herb also is a safe medicine that can be tried by a woman who faces pre menopausal symptoms. It also does not contain any chemical that may cause side effects or other health problems. PMS Lite is still to be tested by the use of more people when compared to the medicines like Premensa.

Estrox from Defence Nutrition is a nutritional supplement designed to counteract the harmful estrogenic substances that cause obesity and other health disorders including certain types of cancers. Its efficiency in eradicating the symptoms of pre menopausal symptoms is not yet established by the use of women.

Premensa on the other hand is found to be the total solution for all the problems that are found to be associated with pre menopausal problems. Premensa contains various powerful natural ingredients that are very effective in tackling the problems associated with menopause. The natural ingredients in Premensa are found to be very effective in stabilising the hormonal imbalance and in eradicating the disturbing symptoms such as sleeplessness, unpredictable mood swings, hot flushes etc that comes along with menopause. The feed backs from the users of Premensa also indicate the popularity of Premensa among the women who use Premensa in order to get rid of the bitter feeling associated with menopause.

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