Some Lifestyle Changes are Enough to Treat Menopause Weight Gain

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Weight gain especially in the waist line and thighs is the major problem of menopause that most women experience. Women may become fat in their middle ages due to some menopausal problems. There are several causes for this. Most of the women do not exercise during menopause. As they face some other problems like hot flash, sleeping disorders etc they do not exercise as a normal woman. Another reason is that they eat high calorie food more. As the calorie can not be burnt by exercise or some other heavy work, the calories turn to fat and accumulate in abdomen, waist and thighs.

Sudden weight gain may also cause some other problems like diabetes, blood pressure and heart attack. So weight must be compulsorily reduced. You need not depend on the weight reduction schemes announced by various companies. Instead follow a simple diet, eat rightly and do some regular exercises. Also remember that you can not educe weight over night. It will take time as you can gradually decrease the weight.

You can prevent obesity by increasing your physical activity. Do whatever activity you like such as gardening, dancing etc. Avoid vehicle to places where you can reach by walking. Do some exercise at least for 30 minutes daily. Keep you physically active that in turn can avoid unwanted thinking. So you can get relief from stress and depression also.

You should watch your calories. As you are growing older you require fewer calories than others. This is because your digestion system will work slowly in old age. Eat rightly. Avoid junk food, spicy and oily food. Taking low calorie diet enriched with vitamins and minerals will help you to control all the menopause problems. Eat only when you feel hungry and eat enough to satisfy your hunger only. Eating late night will lead to weight gain. So plan your dinner before 8 p.m. Avoid oily snacks and fatty desserts. Instead take lot of fruits and vegetable salads. You can also take non fatty sweets and snacks like yogurt and popcorn.

Some life style changes are enough to treat menopausal weight gain. Yet drugs and surgeries are also available. You can go for such treatment after consulting your doctor who will advise you after analyzing your past medical record, your age and other genetic factor.

Yet the safe and best way to cope with menopause weight gain is to provide simple psychological and physical treatments. They are less risky and more effective. You can also take natural herbs to reduce weight after consulting the expert. But remember a healthy diet combined with regular exercise can provide the best solution to weight gain.

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

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