Some Things About the Male Menopause

early menopause
Also called viropause or andropause, male menopause usually appears between the ages of 40 and 55 and involves hormonal, physiological, and chemical changes. These changes affect all aspects of a man’s life; we can mention that there are cases when menopause appears early, at the age of 35, but in other situations, it can occur at the age of 65.We may consider that the male menopause is a physical condition with psycho- logical, interpersonal, social, and spiritual dimensions.When male menopause appears, this means that the first adulthood has reached to its end, and soon will begin the second adulthood. It was seen that the initial signs that appear involve changes in a man’s sexuality.

Male menopause is something normal, it belongs to the cycle of life. It signals that the first adulthood is over, and that it is time to prepare for the second half of life, the second adulthood. There are a lot of persons that relate the male menopause to the end of sexual power, and they believe the period that will come will be the darkest of their lives.But, it is very important to have courage, to follow that way, because it is in our nature to experience that. We must fulfill the cycle of life. Life can be like an ascendant road, and the male menopause represents the top of it. Then, there will come a descending road, that represents the second adulthood. Of course, the human history tells us that the end of that road means our death, but this happens to everyone, so we must carry on with our living and stop thinking about the end of the road.The second adulthood can be the most passionate, productive, and purposeful period of a man’s life. Now, the pressure of sexual performance can be changed with the joy of sexual fulfillment, you can learn how it is to be a respected elder in your community, you can be a mentor for younger men, focus more on being and less on doing, and relate to other men as friends and allies rather than as competitors.

It is important to remember that the second adulthood can be the greatest period of a man’s life, life goes on and must be lived. To complete our journey in this world, we must let go of the baggage that got us through the first adulthood, and find power and passion to see us through the second adulthood.

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