Spotting During Menopause – What to Watch Out For

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There are many signs and symptoms of menopause and one of the main concerns that women have when they are going through menopause is spotting during menopause and is it normal or not. Well, to an extent menopause spotting is normal, after all your body is changing from going to have a period every single month to having none, so of course it is natural for your body to stop.

One main concern you may have is after you have entered into post menopause and you start spotting heavily, then it is definitely time to consult your doctor, for it can be a sign of something a bit more serious. One of the first symptoms of menopause is irregular periods and this is when your body starts is cycle of stopping the production of estrogen. So it is pretty obvious that some bleeding during menopause is perfectly normal. If however, you are still worried and concerned about the bleeding, it may help to educate yourself on menopause itself and all the stages, signs, symptoms and what exactly you will be going through for the next ten to fifteen years.

One of the main points that women do not realize about menopause is it is not one main stage that you will go through, menopause is broken down into three or four stages. Pre menopause, perimenopause, menopause itself and finally post menopause are the four stages that each and every woman will go through when they are dealing with menopause. While a lot of doctors like to view pre menopause and perimenopause as the same stage, it is a common known fact that they are two different stages.

There is also one more stage that woman in their thirties will end up going through and that is premature menopause. Now, not every woman goes through premature menopause, it is just a few of them. Premature menopause usually hits women whose female family members have had a history of going through premature menopause.

The only time that you are experiencing actual menopause is when you have gone one entire year without any bleeding. This does include spotting, if you are spotting during those twelve months, then you will have to start all over on your count. Menopause is when you have gone a full twelve months without any spotting, bleeding or menstruating what-so-ever. It may be a good idea to keep tabs on how many months you go without bleeding so that way you will have a good indication of when you have gone from pre menopause to menopause itself.

After you have gone the entire year without menopause, you will have entered post menopause and this is when you will have to be concerned if you are still spotting. Spotting when you are in post menopause is absolutely a reason to consult your doctor, for this can be signs of something way more serious. This is especially true if you go from light spotting to actual heavy bleeding. Even though spotting in all the stages of menopause is generally normal, it is still a good idea to get yourself checked out and do not take any precautions.

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