Supplementation Suggestions To Ease Menopause Symptoms

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All women go through it. Before we continue – let that notion sink in. Menopause is not a death sentence or something unnatural, it just feels like it sometimes. It is a part of nature’s great blueprint – for better or worse. The majority of women experience the onset of menopause between the ages of 45 and 55. It can begin before and after – but this range is fairly typical.

Menopause occurs because the female body experiences rapid changes to the chemical composition of the reproductive system. The body no longer produces eggs in the ovaries and the production of progesterone and estrogen naturally diminish. Hormonal changes lead to a variety of symptoms including: increased or decreased appetite, foggy and hazy thinking, hot flashes, anger, sadness, depression, and other emotional changes.

Fortunately, there are a variety of supplements that can help you to control these symptoms. More and more evidence has been uncovered as to the benefits of supplementation for everyone – but during menopause women can reap even greater benefits.

Traditionally, menopause has been treated by modern medicine. The treatment of choice has been hormone replacement therapy (HRT). On the surface this makes a lot of sense. The female body is no longer producing estrogen and progesterone at a normal rate so why not make up for the deficit with pills? Well, recent studies have shown that this form of treatment may be potentially dangerous. In fact, there may be more risk involved for various diseases including cancer.

Supplementation is a low-risk treatment that has provided millions of women with much-needed relief. Women who do not want to take the risks associated with HRT should definitely check out some of these essential supplements.

Promensil has been studied for years and has proven effective in providing relief for sufferers of menopause. This supplement is highly effective in limiting the frequency and magnitude of hot flashes that consistently trouble women suffering from menopause.

Black Cohosh is a plant utilized by Native Americans. The plant itself functions without estrogen. This supplement is a wide-spectrum treatment for those experiencing the anguish of menopause. It has been studied in a variety of clinical trials and has been shown to relieve a number of menopause related symptoms.

Calcium is another important supplement for those undergoing menopause. One of the effects of menopause and aging in general is a loss of bone density. Without enough calcium bones become weak and brittle. Taking calcium supplements also contribute a shotgun of minerals and vitamins that can help maintain and improve health.

Red Clover is another supplement that has been researched extensively. The active ingredient is taken from psytoestrogens-rich plants like red clover or soy. When taken it has been shown to provide some much-needed relief of menopause symptoms as well as contribute to healthy bones.

Estroven is another phytoestrogen-rich multivitamin that has proven effective in combating the severity of menopause symptoms. Studies have shown that the symptoms either alleviated or improved include: hot flashes, insomnia, and libido.

The use of supplements is important in the battle against menopause. Educate yourself on the variety of natural supplements available and get yourself some much needed – and most importantly – natural relief!

By: Kathryn Whittaker

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