The are the Problems That Call for Urgent Menopause Relief

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Menopause is not a disease but it is a natural process that occurs in every woman’s life cycle. But there are some painful symptoms that most of the women experience. A healthy and balanced diet, regular exercises etc can provide relief to some extent. Herbal and natural remedies are also available.

Modern women face more problems than women of past century. They have to cope up with their career, family responsibilities and so on. These will worse the menopause symptoms. Hot flashes, night sweats, back pain are some physical symptoms of menopause. Dong quai is an excellent herb that can provide relief from hot flashes. It is also referred to as female tonic because it helps to overcome most of the menopause symptoms.

Most of the women face the problem of joint and muscular pains. Gingko is another wonderful her that can reduce the painful menopause. Also hormone replacement therapies are available now; it has its own side effects. But herbal remedy will never have side effects. But over dosage may cause any serious effects. So you should take them after consulting the experts.

Urine infection is another common problem during menopause. It was found that one out of five women face the problem of urinary track infection. Women face this problem more during menopause. As they get older they will have bladder control problems. Urine infection again may lead to kidney failure. But a simple change in daily habits can help to get relief from this problem. You can prevent infection by taking plenty of water. Water melon and blue berries will help to reduce the problem. You should also avoid alcohol, smoking, and other caffeinated drinks.

Some women may face breast pain during menopause. This will worry them more. Some of them experience more pain while others feel less pain. They can also feel that the breasts are becoming sensitive and tender. This is because you are losing your estrogen level. You have to follow a careful diet to get rid of this. Avoid coffee completely. This will help to balance the estrogen level. You can also take high fiber food and green vegetables that are good source of estrogen. Normally breast pain will disappear when the menopause ends.

Most of the women all over the world experience sudden weight gain during their menopause. Belly fat is the common problem to most women. It can be reduced by taking low calorie diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Regular exercises and avoiding oily and spicy food will help to get relief from weight gain. Take fresh fruits and vegetables. You can take milk without fat and sugar. You can also select non fatty sweets and snacks like popcorn and yogurt. Many women also face the problem of gastrointestinal disorders and indigestion. Taking plenty of water and high fiber food will help a lot.

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