These are Some of the Menopause Depression Symptoms

symptoms of menopause
Menopause time is considered as the depression period in woman’s life cycle. Women are affected by depression more than men in their mid life. As the level of estrogen reduces, women may get some physical changes that may upset her more and as a result she may feel depressed.

Menopause depression may have several symptoms and it may last for even two weeks. She may not have pleasure in any activities. She may have sleeping disturbances and change in appetite. She may feel guilty or even try to commit suicide. These are not her fault. As the hormone level is changing, she is experiencing some emotional symptoms. Menopause depression is infact dangerous and requires treatment as well as care and affection from the family members.

Sudden mood change is a symptom of depression and should b treated in the initial stage itself. Untreated depression an also affect physical health including heart attack. A report shows that women are facing broken bone problem due to their depressed mind.

Some physical changes including hair loss, unwanted hair growth in face and sudden weight in waist and thighs may upset the women more that causes depression. Regular exercises, healthy diet etc can reduce the problem. Moreover an understanding life partner can minimize the painful menopause more.

Women in middle age have more responsibilities. She must care her children as well as elderly relatives. This may cause depression. She will need the support of her life partner. Experts advised that women must ask help of her life partner in doing some house hold works. If there is no communication problem then the chance of depression is low.

Mid age is the period when life will undergo some changes. Marital problems, children leaving house for study or after marriage and some occupational problems can lead to stress and in turn depression will happen. So women must know how to manage stress. They should avoid the stressors. Trying to be too perfect and doing too much of work may cause stress. So you must avoid them and must know to eliminate unnecessary tasks.

If you have sleeping problems, then depression will become worse. Plan your regular sleeping time. Taking warm bath and warm milk can promote sound sleep. Herbal medicines are also available for sedation.

Healthy diet is essential in reducing depression. Even if you feel weak to do more work, then you will have depression. Healthy diet can make you energetic. You should spend more time with others. This will help reducing depression. You can also spend time on your favorite things. Listening to good music, watching good movies or some hobbies that are liked by you will help to reduce depression. Walking will also help to reduce menopause depression.

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