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For some woman, the onset of menopause in mid life is a blessing; sadly for others, it’s a continuation of the curse.

It depends upon one’s view of the glass; is it half full or half empty? Is the remaining pie on the plate half eaten, or is there half left? How to accept and experience menopause in a positive way and travel the menopause journey in comfort is the subject of this discourse.

While menopause is considered to be another phase in the cycle of a woman’s life, each and every woman reacts differently to its arrival. There are some who view it as having a “new lease on life,” encompassing all of the physical, emotional, and sexual freedom associated with it, however others see it as an end to that part of life which is fulfilling and nurturing.

Despite the symptoms, one can look upon menopause in a positive manner and comfortably enjoy the journey, while simply dismissing the associated drawbacks as just a part of the overall process.

The acceptance of menopause, when viewed as a positive benefit, is most likely associated with these immediate benefits:

1. No longer do you have to deal with monthly menstrual cycles which include the cramping, the bloating, and the mood swings

2. You can have sex as often as you like without having to worry about becoming pregnant or needing to avoid the monthly interruption of periods. Reportedly, sex is even better than before!

3. Your relationships reach an entirely new level of communication

4. Menopause is the quintessential sign you have reached an emotional and physical maturity to be able to handle anything that life throws at you

5. You now have the opportunity to create the life you desire as in most cases the children have grown and fled the nest, allowing more quality time with your partner and time to seek your own personal pleasures

6. Retirement will be soon approaching where you are not required to work everyday, but rather do what gives you joy

7. It’s now your turn!

Even though the symptoms accompanying the cessation of the menstrual cycle can be irritating to many, it doesn’t in any way diminish a woman or her role in society. In fact, it is important to note that there is no neurological disorder associated with menopause. Whether or not a woman experiences depression during this time is not any different than any other time in her life. The notion that a woman in menopause is somehow labeled as having emotional problems is ludicrous. So too is the stereotypical derogatory terms used just before a woman’s monthly cycle, and her experience of PMS. How often do you hear “Oh, she’s just hormonal!” Is it simply an excuse? A cover up of other issues that are occurring in her life? Maybe.

To say that life changes occur about the same time as menopause is another false notion. Women change every day; one thing has nothing to do with the other. Yes, children grow up and require a different kind of nurturing, parents become old, spouses retire and may sadly leave this world and decisions are made which alter one’s course in life; but that is the point. Changes are made based upon our needs at the time; our desire to change; to develop and grow; to become empowered by those changes. Menopause is just a fact of life, and simply another phase in a woman’s life cycle. It neither changes nor diminishes a woman, but indeed makes her stronger.

Think back to that day to the onset of your menstrual cycle, the day when you had your first period. In fact, you probably looked forward to that time with eager anticipation. While you may have felt a bit awkward or even embarrassed, nonetheless, your body changed, and you blossomed into a young woman. The same is true of menopause; during menopause there are some periods of awkwardness as you learn to adapt to your changing body, both physically and emotionally. However once you have passed through this period you will blossom once again into your mature self, an empowered women filled with wonder and excitement, and more importantly, freedom.

Similarly, as you accepted and embraced your rise to womanhood, it is important to recreate the same feeling of happiness at the time of your menopause. As the name suggests, it is merely meno-pause, definitely not meno-stop. It is not the end of life. This is another milestone in your life which should be embraced with positive mental and emotional thought. Loving relationships, intimacy, and communication are tremendous parts of the circle of life following menopause, so look forward to this time with gladness.

Why not accept menopause in a positive manner by embracing life and living it to its fullest? While most women accept the changes their bodies will undergo over time, menopause allows you the opportunity to embrace your body and the changes it is going through. Embrace these changes with dignity and with gratitude. After all, you deserve the freedom that menopause offers, and it makes sense to be proud of your achievements and that you have actually made it to this stage in your life. Remember, it is only mid life, and you still have another half of your life to live.

A wonderful method of gaining reassurance and comfort during this stage of your life is through guided creative visualisations.

As has been proven, the unconscious mind controls our every thought, feeling and behaviour so take a short time each day to allow yourself to relax, unwind and simply enjoy the powerful, positive messages contained in these amazing tools. Guided creative visualisations are tools to your freedom – physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially if you so choose. Why not travel with comfort in menopause using these tools?

When you allow your unconscious to generate creative solutions to the changes experienced in menopause, then you’ll begin to see the results you desire. You can enjoy this phase in the life cycle because you’ve waited long enough for it to arrive, and you have earned the right to not only be comfortable but also to be happy. And you can, you know? Make the choice today to allow your unconscious mind to benefit and transform your conscious world in any way you desire.

So ladies, regardless of where you are in your life cycle, stand up, be proud of who you are, what you have achieved and of your valued place in society. With the techniques in guided creative visualisations to assist you on your journey, you can simply pass through this stage of menopause with ease, with comfort and even with delight! It’s your choice, so make the right one today.

By: Danette Hibberd

About the Author:

With her calming voice, Danette Hibberd guides you through creative visualizations using powerful NLP, hypnotic techniques and affirmations allowing amazing transformation in your life. Visit for a free guided creative visualization and begin your change today.

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