Which Natural Cure For Hot Flashes Actually Works To Relieve Symptoms?

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When someone says the word “menopause” there are two words that immediately come to mind – “hot flashes.” The two terms pretty much go hand in hand. Depending on which study you listen to – between 60%-90% of women will experience hot flashes when menopause hits. One advantage with so many women experiencing the same thing is that there are multiple information sources to help guide you to hot flash relief. The overwhelming consensus is to start by exploring a natural cure for hot flashes.

Hot flashes vary in intensity and duration. One woman finds sufficient relief fanning herself while another finds herself reaching for a hand towel to wipe off the pouring perspiration. As for consistency, some women experience upwards of fifteen hot flashes a day, where another will feel a hot flash about once a month. Also varying from one woman to another is what works as a natural cure for hot flashes.

One natural cure for hot flashes is to change your diet. Some find that a low-fat diet helps. But if you find yourself losing excessive weight your menopause symptoms may worsen. Each woman will find that different foods and spices increase their symptoms. By monitoring yourself you will easily find a culprit or two.

As for relaxation and stress reduction: just do it! Not only can it be a natural cure for hot flashes, but a regular part of a healthy lifestyle. Every one has stressors in their lives and the onset of menopause doesn’t help. Yoga, meditation, massage and relaxation exercises are a great way to begin your natural cure for hot flashes.

A less popular natural cure for hot flashes is the use of Chinese medicine. Well, less popular in North America. This little used method is long in tradition when treating hot flashes. The Chinese doctor will first determine if you are experiencing “hot” or “cold” menopause. “What?” you may say, “of course it’s a hot menopause.” In Chinese medicine this term is not referring to the physical temperature, but the type of menopause. A natural cure for hot flashes in Chinese medicine includes acupuncture and herbology.

Acupuncture involves the combination of your inner wind, energy or spirit. Achieving balance by following Chinese acupuncture may result in a natural cure for hot flashes. Not all women find relief through acupuncture, but again, some do.

Herbology is, in short, the study of herbs and their relation to each other. Herbology is a significant natural cure for hot flashes in Chinese medicine. The doctor understands which herbs work together in order to help. However you never want to experiment with herbs without knowing what you’re doing. There is a possibility of concocting a harmful mixture.

If you find yourself wondering about the nature of your sudden flushed face and warm upper body, it may be time to find a natural cure for hot flashes. With the plethora of available resources, you will easily find one or ten tips that will significantly alleviate your sudden discomfort!

By: Linda Bruton

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