Why Signs of Menopause Become Very Unpleasant and Painful

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Menopause is a natural process in women’s life cycle. Most of the women experience many signs before and during menopause. Such signs are painful and make them uncomfortable. But the signs of menopause are not a prolonged disease. It will be normally disappeared after the menopause. The normal age of menopause is 45 to 52. Yet the symptoms require some treatments because thee are very unpleasant and painful.

The normal and initial sign of menopause is irregular periods. You may get your periods too frequently or too long. One month you may have heavy bleeding and in the next month you may feel light bleeding. These changes are due to hormone imbalances. Most of the women all over the world face hot flashes as the sign of menopause. It is warm prickly feeling in the back.

Another common sign is the dryness in vagina and uterine. You may feel less elasticity and lubricant in your vagina. This will be more uncomfortable and require some treatment. Some women face urine and vaginal infection due to the dryness. Some change in the life style and food habits will provide you relief. Drinking plenty of water and taking melon and citrus fruits will reduce your problem.

Some women experience some physical changes like over weight in waist and abdomen, tenderness in breast, hair loss, unwanted hair growth in chin, upper lip etc.These changes will generally upset women and some of them develop stress and depression due to such changes. Care and affection from the family members can minimize the problem.

Night sweat is another common sign of menopause. You will feel excessive sweating during nights and so you may not get sound sleep. Some women also feel excessive coldness during nights.

As you get older you may also have joint pains, muscular pains etc. You also face severe head ache before and during menopause. Bladder control problem is another sign of menopause. You may feel passing urine frequently and most urgently. But remember it may be due to diabetes also.

Some women face the problem of irregular heart beat. Some others face the changes in body odors and breathe. Some may feel bitterness or burning sense in tongue. Some face gum problems and changes in the finger nails. Indigestion and gastrointestinal problems are also the signs of menopause.

There are some emotional signs also. Many women face the problem of memory loss, lack of concentration, mood fluctuations, sudden anger, anxiety etc. These are the signs of menopause. Stress and depression may also occur. Most of the women feel deserted during menopause. Family responsibilities, child caring, occupational problems etc may worse the signs of menopause. But an understanding life partner can help to minimize the problems of menopause.

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

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