Why Surgical Menopause Should Focus on Getting the Right Balanced Hormones

early menopause
Sometimes menopause may occur due to surgical removal of ovaries. When uterus has been removed and the ovaries remain then menopause may occur. Even a younger woman may experience menopause due to surgery. As a result she may face number of problems like osteoporosis and arthritic problems. If she is too young to get menopause then she will face more problems. She may have hormone imbalance problem. So treatment should be given to her to get the right balanced hormones.

If the woman is too young when her uterus is removed by surgery then she should consult the experts who are up to date in this issue. This will help her to get hormone replacement. But it is proved that a woman face more problems in surgical menopause than a woman who has undergone natural menopause. Some symptoms of surgical menopause includes hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss, sleeping disorder, increased appetite, weight gain, suicide thoughts and attempts, depression and so on. They may get sudden anger and they will have decreased sexual interest. Thyroid problems and urine infection are common in surgical menopause.

Surgery induces early menopause particularly ovary and uterus removal by surgery can lead to menopause definitely. More symptoms are possible immediately after surgery.

When only one ovary is removed by surgery then there is a chance of getting menopause as naturally. But when the uterus is removed and the ovaries remain, the menstrual cycle stops and the symptoms of menopause will be experienced in normal age only. When both the ovaries are removed, the woman may experience harsh symptoms.

Surgical menopause at younger age leads to many diseases. Such women face more severe hot flashes than natural menopause woman. The hot flashes are frequent and last long. They often face the problem of head ache, body pain etc. they have the risk of heart diseases and osteoporosis. They feel more depressed than other women. There are no certain reasons for these severities. But the surgical menopause woman suffers a lot than other women.

Younger women who undergo surgery of uterus or ovary never have the chance of getting pregnant. This will upset them more and may cause stress and depression. There are several reasons for uterus or ovary failure that leads to surgery. Genetic reasons, cancer, smoking, irregular food habits may lead to premature ovarian failure and that in turn lead to surgery.

The ovaries are the main source of estrogen. The removal of ovary will definitely decrease the level of estrogen. That in turn leads to many symptoms of surgical menopause. Yet you may consider some positive aspects of surgery. You may never have the painful or heavy bleeding periods. There is no chance of getting pregnant again. There is no chance of ovarian cancer. You should set your mind before and after surgery by just thinking some positive aspects of the surgery. This will help you to reduce the emotional symptoms of menopause.

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

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